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Digital Living - Noida

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Digital Living

F - 28 & 29, Sector 8, Noida, UP 201301

Tel.No.+91- 0120 - 405 1200 (30 Lines)
Fax.No.+91- 0120 - 405 1254
email :

Contact Person: Deepak Surana


Company Profile:
Our aim at Digital Living is to bring the convenience of a luxurious lifestyle to everyone. We do this through products that deliver an array of applications and services, which make use of futuristic technology to improve life standards for people in homes, offices, hotels and buildings. At Digital Living, we are committed to providing clients with the very best in quality control systems. The aim is to bring you the luxury of being able to conveniently control your world. Change your surroundings, create the mood you want and control your living space through the simple luxury of clicking a button from your handheld remote control device.

Digital Living has gone beyond, not just the traditional, but the modern as well; to present some of the most innovative technology that literally reinvents the way people live and work. We offer integrated solutions to control a host of electronics including lighting, window blinds, and motors, audio, video and environmental systems.Digital Living's service standards offer the highest level of convenience in controlling your world. All it takes is the click of a button to make changes in the home. Our products allow you to control various aspects including audio, video, heating, cooling, lighting, window shades, curtains, fireplaces and speakers throughout the entire property.

As needs change on a regular basis, you need to be able to make changes to your environment for greater ease and comfort. With Digital Living's lighting control for example, you can make a room brighter or dimmer depending on personal need, to create an atmosphere of comfort.There are no restrictions on comfort and convenience - at Digital Living, we believe in providing people with the luxury of convenience at their fingertips. When you attain this luxury to control your world, you enhance your lifestyle to become one of convenience and ease. With the simple push of a button so much around you becomes easy to control. You can effortlessly personalize lighting and recall favorite settings to transform your surroundings.

The underpinning principle of our efforts is convenience and comfort. We urge you to consider coming on board Digital Living to journey into the future in a style that is totally unparalled!
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